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As the son of two public school teachers, the dad of two little girls, and a former community college trustee, Derek Kilmer believes all students should be able to access a quality education.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a dad, Derek doesn’t want to see his kids’ future burdened by debt. He’s pushing Congress to come together to address our nation’s long-term fiscal health. Derek does not believe either political party has a monopoly on good ideas. Unfortunately, too many folks in our nation’s capital define success as making the other party fail. Derek believes the American people are less interested in partisan politics than they are in solutions.

The Economy

Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula, Derek saw firsthand what it meant for families and communities to struggle when the local economy fell on hard times.

The Environment

Derek is proud to be a defender of our clean air and water, an advocate for our National Parks, and a champion of restoring Puget Sound. Derek believes that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, and that a thoughtful approach to stewardship is a necessity for the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of our communities.

Supporting Our Veterans

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Derek is committed to making sure our service members are the best trained, most well equipped fighting force in the world. In Congress, he has gone to bat for our local installations like Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Naval Base Kitsap because they are important to our national security and our region’s economy.

Supporting Seniors

Derek Kilmer knows firsthand that our nation has an obligation to take care of our older Americans. His 108-year-old grandmother has been able to live with dignity for years because of the existence of two of the most successful public policy programs in American history – Medicare and Social Security. He believes America must uphold its promises to our seniors.

Getting Congress Back to Work

As a dad, Derek is working to ensure that we fully confront our nation’s challenges so the next generation has a bright future. That’s why he’s pushing Congress to come together and deliver real bipartisan results that support the middle-class. Derek believes that Congress needs to focus less on partisan bickering and focus more on progress.

Campaign Finance Reform

Derek thinks that our government should be responsive to “We the People.” That’s why he’s been present throughout the district – meeting with local employers, visiting service clubs, and holding town hall meetings.

Health Care

Derek understands that Washington state’s healthcare system serves a diverse population with unique needs. That’s why he continually visits hospitals throughout the region and stays in contact with countless providers, constituents, and advocates.

Women’s Issues

Derek wants to ensure that his daughters grow up in a nation where you can earn a fair wage for a hard day’s work and everyone is treated equally, regardless of who you are. When Derek’s daughters enter the workforce, he wants to be sure they earn the same pay for the same work as their counterparts. That’s why one of the first bills he cosponsored when he was sworn into Congress was the Paycheck Fairness Act to close the wage gap between men and women.

Civil Rights

Derek wants to see reforms that modernize our voter registration systems and ensure equal access to the ballot box for all Americans. That’s why he is a cosponsor of the Voter Empowerment Act, which will ensure access to online voter registration and increase accountability in election administration.


Derek has worked closely with the 11 tribes he represents, and understands why it is necessary for the federal government to fulfill its treaty and trust obligations. Derek also knows that in our unique government-to-government relationship it’s important for the federal government to treat tribal members fairly. Derek views the tribes in his region as partners, and as a Member of the Congressional Native American Caucus, he is working to be a champion for all tribes in Congress.

Photo courtesy of Ronald Woen

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